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Robotics in Concert


A paradigm shift:

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“We would like to push the boundaries of service robotics beyond the robot itself.”

The solution here can be derived from an intelligent composition of embedded sensors, cloud services, pc's and interactive humans clients via tablets/phones. On its own, this is an attractive problem to anyone who enjoys the challenge of complexity, but the value for us in tackling the various challenges required to make this paradigm shift is to solve a problem that lies at the heart of the current service robotics industry. To date, success stories have largely been confined to standalone robots (e.g. vacuum cleaning robots) and such stories are few and far between. Finding a market niche is difficult, and then attaining the volume to actually produce at a reasonable cost eliminates many ideas before they can be realised. We need new approaches to the problem and making this paradigm shift is one such possibility.

Enable Markets

  • Cheaper Robots: use resources external to the robot to lower cost, decrease internal hardware complexity
  • Retaskable Robots: robots need to fit the solution (not be the solution) -> improved applicability increases marketable opportunities.
  • Interactivity: enable humans to interact with the system as a player, not just as a spectator -> as above.
  • New Markets: multi-robot-device-human systems open up a new range of solutions that hitherto were not possible.

In short, it enables markets and thus attacks the previously posed problem directly. It also enables many other exciting possibilities, but here the key focus is to make things simple enough so that we can expand marketable opportunities for service robotics.

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